2019 Swallow, Murmurs, Los Angeles, CA 

2017 Zaubererjackl, Pina, Vienna, AT

2017 Oracle, Interim, Oakland, CA

2016 Parrot, Princess, New York, NY

2016 Giant’s Child, Beautiful Gallery, Chicago, IL

2015 Say it with a Black Rose, Room East, New York, NY

2014 I Can’t Read, Chin’s Push, Los Angeles, CA

2014 Déjà Voodoo, Important Projects, Oakland, CA

2012 Zanzibar, Platform 9 and 3⁄4, Chicago, IL


2021 Psychosomatic, Various Small Fires, Los Angeles, CA

2021 Your Presence is Encouraged, curated by Isabel Yellin, Los Angeles, CA

2020 The Struggle for Change, Murmurs, Los Angeles, CA

2019 Last Call, The Gallery @ Michael’s, Los Angeles, CA

2019 As Above, So Below, Murmurs, Los Angeles, CA

2019 Aggregation, Shore Gallery, Vienna, AT

2018 Kiss in Tears, Curated by XYZ Collective, Freedman Fitzpatrick. Los Angeles, CA

2017 Tar Pits: Megan Plunkett, Janet Jenkins & Alison Veit, Redling Fine Art, Los Angeles, CA

2017 Nobody Owns the Beach, organized by Blue Ruin, Sunset Islands, Miami, FL

2017 By the Lakeside, organized by Yui Yaegashi, Shane Campbell Gallery, Chicago, IL

2017 Amazing Girls, It’s Complicated, Kevin’s Space, Vienna, Austria

2017 Park View Gallery Share, Queer Thoughts, NY

2016 Mined Control, As It Stands, Los Angeles, CA

2016 WACKing the Piñata, LTD Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA

2016 Puppies Puppies/ Fuckn’ Fruit, Boatos Fine Art, Sao Paulo, Brazil

2016 Bouganvillia Begonia, Jonathan Hopson, Houston, TX

2015 Belated Soul, Pretty Days, New York, NY

2015 White House Black Market, Kimberly Klark, New York, NY

2015 NADA, Queer Thoughts, New York, NY

2015 Rainbow, Queer Thoughts, Nicaragua

2013 Guyth, Dos Perros Projects, Chicago, IL

2013 Debut, Forever and Always, Chicago, IL

2013 Shalom, Queer Thoughts, Chicago, IL

2012 Dia Macon: 1, Dia Macon, New York, NY

2012 SER, Contemporary Art Daily Office, Chicago, IL

2011 Cocktails II, Bodega, Philadelphia, PA

2011 Young Contemporaries, Courtney Blades, Chicago, IL

2010 Lingua Franca, Bodega, Philadelphia, PA

2010 Cocktails: Artist’s Patio, Courtney Blades, Chicago, IL


2013 Parables by Trish Roman, Pebble Press, Chicago, IL